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Topical Comedy

Because its not the scores that matter...

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topical comedy, humour and satire.
This community is for fans of topical comedy or topical humour in any form. Almost anything related to topical comedy is welcome, however loose the connection might be.

Feel free to comment on any topical comedy show, podcast, or website; show off your own amusing thoughts on the weeks news, icons you've made,  links to any weird/strange/stupid news story you might have found funny, amusing topical cartoons, or a topical joke you've heard somewhere that really made you laugh. Political satire, current event based cartoons, a joke you've heard that has a topical flavour, post it here.

In short anything that's related to topical comedy!

Here's my list of topical comedy shows on in the UK with website links to find out more. If there's anything you feel should be added here or in the interests, post about it and I'll add it.

TV Shows

Radio Shows:



Theatre Shows: